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feet in the Chimpanzee are white or of a pale flesh-colour ; the same parts of the Bald-headed animal are black or brownish-black. ... In the Chimpanzee the hair on the top of the head, and passing down from the centre twhere it divides) to the sides of the face or cheeks, is tolerably long and full, forming what may be considered rather bushy whiskers ; whereas in the Bald-headed animal the top and sides of the face and head are nearly naked, and there is no trace of a parting. The ears are particularly large in the Bald-headed animal; and the form of the head, the facial expression, the expanded nostrils and the great thickness of the lower lip, together with the more elevated skull, cannot fail to distinguish the Bald-headed Chimpanzee from the common variety.
(Figs. 17 and 18.)
Configuration.—The Gorilla is the largest, strongest and most formidable of the Primates. The adult male may attain the length of 6 ft. from the crown to the heels, but the female is smaller, her length rarely exceeding 4J ft. The arms and chest are of great size, but the legs are insignificant in comparison. The hands reach below the knees when the animal is erect, and the span of the outstretched arms exceeds the length of the body.
The relative proportions of the segments of the arm are more like those in Man than are those of the other Apes. Thus the arm is longer than the forearm, whereas the reverse is the case in the Gibbons, Orang